This Arab guy owns a boat and recently had his house broken into. Abdo and Tyrone call him up saying they stole the keys to his boat and took it out, but don’t know how to bring it back to the dock!
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8 Responses to “Arab Guy’s Boat Gets Stolen – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    WHATUP OP CREW! This video is hilarious, Captain Habibi (Abdo) stole this boat and doesn’t know how to bring it back to the dock. **ANNOUNCEMENT** I’m looking for some dope female pranksters to collaborate with me on some calls. Is that you? Know somebody who’d be perfect? Send me some info and a sample (voice or prank call) to! I think it’d be soooooo hilarious to tagteam some calls with a goofy girl 🙂

  2. Chaseutley56 says:

    He was honestly so calm for someone stealing his boat wow I would have been Livid

  3. Aryan Narayan says:

    Lol the guys probably filthy rich, which is why he wasn’t THATpissed of that someone stole his boat

  4. Marouan NASSIF says:

    captain habibi… that’s too much…lmao

  5. Mahad Qureshi says:

    at 4:02 how did he send the marina guy when he was clearly on the phone with tyrone??

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