This guy is ADDICTED to World of Tanks and is super racist. I call him up to tell him that we are going to close his account, unless he comes to racial sensitivity training. This prank is INSANE. Send the NEW FREE PRANK of the week now –

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5 Responses to “Angry Racist Gamer Gets HACKED (crazy)”

  1. douglas Mango says:

    This was a really good, prank. 10/10

  2. Takeoffloc Loc says:

    Haven’t even heard it yet but yea punk ass scary ass white boys hide online and talk shit because they are scared that were gonna fuc their girls and yaa ya know. Love the channel but shame on you white ppl we all didn’t come from slavery bitches! We were already here!

  3. Extreme gamer54 says:

    I fucking died when Juan said CNN 😂

  4. Colton Delong says:

    I like the content but not the begging for likes and subs

  5. Akilah Shelley says:

    Lmao @ mush mouth…. This was actually funny…

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