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10 Responses to “Angry Fighting Kangaroo, Part 2”

  1. StopostoTruth says:

    They seem to blend into each other with the new thumbnails, and later on
    will be much harder when you want to show a friend a gag and cant find it
    because you don’t see scenery with is used to remember a lot of the gags

    Btw I like JFLGags and only want to help by giving feedback :)

  2. davidchow71 says:

    Not fan of new thumbnails. They just don’t have any class. JFL has always
    been held in high standard among the upper class please don’t let the
    thumbnails destroy this relationship.

  3. juusttinnn says:

    Bobs army is getting BIG. Hahaha, silly Google breaking something that was
    working just fine before. Too bad Google is more likely to try to censor
    all comments and give us only the ones they like. This is really hurting
    the truther community most, where freedom of speech is critical, unlike
    mainstream media where its only an illusion but in fact the worlds greatest
    mind control devise.

  4. 미셸 비 says:

    Guys, stop spamming before JFL decides to disable the comments. All of you
    spammers are just acting like whiny children. Spamming will not get you
    anything but annoyed people who are irritated at what you’re doing. If you
    want to make a change to the way YouTube comments work then either go sign
    the petitions or simply refrain from commenting altogether.

    P.S. JFL, nice prank by the way :)

  5. PrankandSpank says:

    Funny prank!

    Hate to bring this up but in more than an hour only 143 thumb ups with a
    few comments? I hate google+ and this new system layout. It’s really
    destroyed a lot of channels. 

  6. inlovewithi says:

    I prefer the old random thumbnail for the videos, rather than a custom one.
    It’s just better to see a still from the video. Natural.

  7. elyass elyas says:


  8. Lucas Davies says:

    To all spammers: Stop spamming Youtube with “Bob’s Tanks” comments! Please
    check if your account was hacked, otherwise, you are big A-Holes. Spamming
    doesn’t solve anything.

    +Just For Laughs Gags : Great pranks! Even though, I’m American, I love
    your videos!

  9. #Prank #Boxing #Kangaroo 

  10. mysticdragonwolf89 says:

    …what happened to the Just for laugh videos which shows the very ending
    of all pranks–with the actors pointing to the cameras and the pranked
    people having a laugh? That was the main reason I watched, to see the

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