This grandpa hates his middle-eastern neighbors. They always shout at him from their windows about him honking the horn in the morning. I called him up as his ‘neighbor’ Abdo to give him a piece of my mind ;D

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5 Responses to “Angry Arab Noise Complaint – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Marvin Forman says:

    you should call a technical support scammer XD

  2. Shaan Ajaz says:

    hillary clinton won the 2016 presidential election

  3. Kaustubh Chaudhary says:

    Great prank Russell !!! I liked it twice !!!

  4. Kuro Neko says:

    i would so hate to be that guy’s daughter if i heard him talking shit like
    that. what a dick.

  5. Sergio F. says:

    Can you make an old guy voice, who whistles a lot? Like Herbert from family

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