This restaurant owner had an ad up online for some open job positions, he ends up freaking the hell out when trying to deal with Alexander, an overly aggressive African job applicant ;D
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1,413 Responses to “African Guy BOMBS Job Interview (hilarious)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    this guy is my favvvvvv hahaha, WANT TO SEE PART 2?! Help me get 30,000 LIKES! What do think I should say when I call back? I think it could be funny to call as a different character and pretend like I heard he gives good fake job references lol, and see if he’ll bite! Leave your suggestions in the comments!

    • Jonathan Jones says:

      Ownage Pranks i love your videos i like every video you post

    • Start a New Yorker Italian character

    • Drej Trovski says:

      Dont call him, he is so nice. If he was a prick then he should be called 100x. But this old man was so patient a vouched so “Alexander” can have a job and not starve!
      I think the part 2 would be to paintful to hear. I would like to hear when you break the news to him that its just a prank.

    • loxxxton poxxxton says:

      Oh man. That guy was really nice! Leave him alone pick on the horrible ones not him first one I have not liked in years

    • Jim Braverman says:

      Do the classic “break in the store at 2am in the morning”

      Im baking da cake in da cup for ju!!!!

  2. Pablo Picaso says:


  3. this one was 5 star

  4. Holey Trolley says:

    I wish I was as nice as this guy. I would’ve lost my shit

  5. Biryani Gum says:

    This was the best prank I’ve seen

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