I accidentally dialed the wrong number while trying to fulfill a prank request, the guy ended up being SUPER hot-headed and racist. It was still fun to mess with this guys, so let me know in the comments if I should call back for part 2! ­čśÇ

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5 Responses to “Accidentally Calling a Racist Hillbilly – Ownage Pranks”

  1. DEMONcrats are fking vermin it’s true´╗┐

  2. flamingmuscle says:

    buck wheat´╗┐

  3. classic!´╗┐

  4. Ahmed Alrashidi says:

    which accent is that ?´╗┐

  5. Billy Lofang says:

    Call back the guy as ,tyrone abdu, russel´╗┐

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