I put together the first ever compilation of some of the BEST prank calls I’ve ever done. Make sure you check out the full videos below.. these are all pranks you def do NOT want to miss:

#1 Crusty Doo Doo in Boxers Prank

#2 China Fun Asian Restaurant Prank

#3 Selling Illegal Porn Prank

#4 Boo-Sack Asian Restaurant Prank (Part 2)

#5 Crazy Guy on Craigslist Prank

#6 Asian Condom Prank

#7 Angry Asian Restaurant Soda Prank

#8 Indian Waxing Salon Prank

#9 Boo-Sack Asian Restaurant Prank (Part 1)

#10 Greek Hotel Prank

#11 Crazy Penis Piercing Prank (Part 1)

#12 Enzyte Order Prank

#13 Foreign McDonald’s Prank

#14 Barack Obama Radio Prank

#15 Raged 7-Eleven Indian Prank

#16 Creepy Massage on Craigslist Prank

#17 Selling Wholesale Condoms Prank

#18 Asian Fake Order Prank

#19 Forgotten Son Prank

#20 Insane Hospital Labor Prank

#21 Penis Piercing Prank (part 2)

#22 Crazy Xbox 360 Kinect Support Prank

#23 Asian Restaurant Fire Prank

#24 Walmart Condom Prank

#25 China Fun Asian Restaurant Prank (Part 2)



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9 Responses to “Absolute Best Prank Calls #1 – Ownage Pranks Highlights”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    There are so many buried CLASSIC prank calls that are uploaded on the channel, so I wanted to upload a dope compilation highlighting some of the BEST moments. What’d you guys think? want to see #2? πŸ™‚ Drop a LIKE on this and I’ll get it started!! Next week I have an AMAZING new prank going up that’s going to blow you away, thanks for subscribing with notifications ON!

    • El1teFire says:

      Ownage Pranks what happened to the Juanito pranks with the flank steak did u take down the video because I can’t find it anywhere and if u did why

    • TheAMVUnity says:

      Yea pleeease, make part #2. This made me die πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ im deceased!

    • Xerya Kirie says:

      I saw them all LOL

    • kassu kappe says:

      I’d like to see on #2 Buk Lau prank call to Indian restaurant. It’s just priceless when the owner goes crazy and thinks he’s a chicken “Caw caw caw”

  2. Geez his Tyrone and Rakesh voice TOTALLY different LOL WOW I’VE BEEN WATCHING YOU FOR A WHILE NOW GUY #FanSince2012

  3. moua vang says:


  4. Synergy is Key says:

    Do more of these man. 1. They’re funny 2. You get views from the video AND the videos in the description 3. Idk just seemed like it needed a #3

  5. “Yeah–absolutely”
    “I know my son *very well*”
    Perfect timing lol

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