Sorry for the misunderstanding folks! Thanks to all who support my channel. I upload new pranks every Monday! Don’t believe me? Here’s the playlist for the last several Pranks!

5 Responses to “A Proper GoodBye – The Last Stream Froze!!!”

  1. Mark Dangerfield says:

    I like your fart videos

  2. Mark Dangerfield says:

    So you make more YouTube videos and look up my YouTube videos I’ll write thank you

  3. Mark Dangerfield says:

    That is very good I like that Creedmore and get back to me because I love y’all have a things on your Instagram and on your YouTube of right

  4. Mark Dangerfield says:

    When are you gonna look up my name so when you look up my name yeah see me on YouTube OK thank you

  5. Mark Dangerfield says:

    I making my comment about you so when will you get to my comments and I’m still waiting for using my time which I know you will do that and I know that you’ll see my comments that one apple only because I am on YouTube to you know you can look me up as well Albanain just now got up mark Dangerfield

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