First, people are tricked into believing a huge piece of lumber fell onto the worker who catch…

10 Responses to “2 in 1 Gag featuring Huge Log!!”

  1. FrankGarrett316 says:

    I love this show but man they need a new laugh track. It’s impossible not to hear that one “squawk” laugh sound effect.

  2. armitx9 says:

    I was expecting someone to mention that the title of the video sounds like porn

  3. niamhbarbour says:

    *new* apple honey eco friendly eos

  4. Drogonnis says:

    No one tried to help the blind guy…

  5. Giuseppe Pesce says:

    Fantastico …..!

  6. Good thing it’s a stunt log. It could have gotten hurt otherwise.

  7. FanOfZeppelin says:

    lol, the music’s based on monty python’s lumberjack song.

  8. Lojee12 says:


  9. subhi dakhel says:


  10. ManuLP x says:

    lolololo  /watch?v=QNuPMAAFBJ8

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